Illusionary Reality and Deified Flaws

I am currently sitting in a coffee bar in Silverlake and it is a pretty trendy establishment with some intriguing clientele and I’m trying to not act like I’m a newb here. I usually get giddy exploring new places and being in new places. Intelligentsia located at 3922 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90029 for anyone who wants to visit one day. They have a delicious array of coffee and tea and some baked goods.

Exploring the city and being among the people feels exhilarating and at the same time exhausting both mentally and physically. You have to have a constant state of self-awareness and outer awareness of everything here if you don’t want to get too caught up in LA’s hedonism and heathenism.

Maybe it’s just the way how I see things. Maybe it’s just the way how things really are. Reality is strangely subjective yet objective pertaining to the laws of thermodynamics and physics. I’m not trying to get all metaphysical woo-woo on here, but my point is that reality should be seen as a constant flow of information and events. Everything can be both objective and subjective; however, personally I believe that objectivity at the end of the day is the winner.

As humans we can rationalize all we want about our situations, lives, and whatever happens to us; but we can’t (however we do) deny the fact that life and reality the way as we see it is inevitable. Water will be water. Air will give life. Fire will burn. The Earth will regenerate and constantly shift for thousands or even millions of more years.

Life goes on.

We try to deny and escape the negativity in this world by escaping through frivolous entertainment, drugs, sex, loveless pursuits, vain pursuits…. we tell ourselves that life will be okay because I see it how it is and not for how it really is. 

Humanity is strange. We have varying interpretations about cosmogony. Christianity stating that everything was created in seven days from a void. Other beliefs stating that all-powerful yet flawed gods had a part to play in forming both above and below. From the depths of the ocean to the highest of heavens.

It’s funny how we try to humanize deities and spirits. The thing with the occult, metaphysics, and anything beyond is that it eventually starts becoming an incomprehensible headache that we’d rather push under the rug instead of thinking about how things are…. the way they are. I think the term I was trying to reach for was anthropomorphizing celestial bodies, gods, spirits, demons, whatever.

We like to deify things and worship them because of some inner desire to believe in something other than ourselves. Or maybe, we want to deify things because we in turn can try to appeal to them and gain some sort of supernatural power or benefit by living a certain way in this current lifetime.

One major pantheon I have a slight gripe with would be the Hellenistic gods and goddesses. The way how I see it, they were essentially high school drama on godly steroids. Zeus took fuck, marry, kill literally. Everyone else was related by one degree of separation and gods and mortals did whatever they wanted to each other either out of benevolence or malevolence.

While… on the other hand, we have a perfect God, a Holy Trinity with Christianity that is without flaw and without blemish. The Almighty and All-Creator of the Universe.

So which is the truth? We can go in circles all we like. Morality, philosophy, religious beliefs, spiritual practices, etc. There are so many in the world from different cultures and they have evolved so much in the span of history that we consciously know of.

Okay, I’m giving myself a headache writing all this stuff out. Been sitting on my chest for awhile so I’m glad that I finally got to write it out. Perhaps in a future post I’ll polish up some of this stuff more.

Goodbye for now.


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