O How I Burn The Midnight Witching Oil

As the Holidays are coming to a close, I’m in my room pondering about the past year and what transpired. Perhaps its a subjective feeling, but 2016 I think has been a year of turmoil and stress for almost everyone. Granted, the fact that we now have a questionable man in office as President of the United States and that things in the world aren’t seemingly right makes me wonder where humanity is headed. But political discourse and world problems aren’t my focus right now.

The new moon is tomorrow and I’m already preparing for a small rite that would help me transition into 2017 smoothly. Prayers, petitions, or whatever you call them, they are most powerful when you take into account extra boosts of power concerning the usage of herbs, crystals, or certain incense that would put you in the mood. Maybe its been a developing habit for the past year since I started practicing but midnight always seems to be the time that I am at my peak researching witchcraft, occult practices, and other metaphysical ponderings. I’m essentially a night owl. I can never bring myself to even read a book in the morning or afternoon since mornings and afternoons I usually spend people watching, tending to my personal care, and others. Or mostly traveling. And the gym.

I guess you can say that its stereotypical for someone to be practicing witchcraft from 12 am – 3am. The only thing I don’t do is dance naked around a bonfire or astral traveling to far off places to meet with other witches (yet, haha).

I guess at night I’m more comfortable with myself. The darkness. The light coming from the moon and stars. If I had the option of practicing outside in my backyard maybe in the countryside away from prying eyes, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Being outside at night and learning about the darkness with nature has always been a strange fascination of mine as a child.

I would dream up being in the woods conjuring, naked, raw, and unbridled with passion in my practice. To this day, I still haven’t lost that dream and passion of mine. To be free.

Midnight is a time of transition. The line between yesterday and today. Night and morning. A liminal space.

One such goddess comes into mind and I’ve felt her following me for the past few years or so. Hekate has revealed herself in my dreams, in my daily walkings and thoughts, and despite of her having a subdued presence currently in my life, she’s still there in the shadows watching and guiding despite of my not actively practicing with her.

At this moment in time, I’m not obligated to worship or devote myself fully to any deity. That’s something I’m still personally going through until the time is comfortable for me and whatever deity I so choose alone.

But yes, Hekate, a goddess of the night, witches, magic, and the crossroads which coincide with transitional or liminal spaces as well. I’ve dealt with many crossroads in my life, mostly metaphorical. My decisions in my undergraduate years of college, my decisions for a course of action for my future, and most importantly my decisions concerning my personal relationships with both family and friends. Who I let in and who I keep out has been a recurring theme in my life for the last three years.

I think Hekate has had to do something with those thought processes and decisions. Guiding from the shadows and pointing me to a potential road I could take.

As the new year approaches, I am looking forward to definitely leaving 2016 behind and welcoming 2017 with new ideas, thoughts, and approaches. Hopefully being a fruitful and prosperous year with how I make of it.



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