It’s almost like Salem all over again…

The entire world seems like it has been thrown into pandemonium the past year or so, right?

Around this time a year ago, I felt a shift in energies that even most of my witch friends  across the hemisphere have felt. Big change was coming and big change happened. Look at where America is right now. It’s a struggle between darkness and light. The election only brought out the ugly shadows that were dying to rear their heads again and of course on the opposite side people went out and made their voices heard, millions marched against an oppressive regime that threatens the very present and future of many young people who yearn for equality.

It almost feels like Salem, right? Maybe not witch burnings at the stake but think about LGBT rights and women’s rights. Discrimination specifically targeted at transgender people and gross misogyny could be akin to burnings at the stake.

Setting people on fire because they’re different. Because they want to be treated as fairly and equally as the rest of everyone else. But no, because of the backwards patriarchal, male-driven institution that created America in the first place, some people restrict basic human rights to only a select few deserving so if they fit either fundamental right-wing traditions and beliefs or basically white-driven culture that seeks to abolish any sort of color, ethnic diversity, and ethnic beauty that was promised a land of the free in America.

But no, things as they are cannot be further from the truth.

I once stood in the dark being willfully ignorant of all the problems that ethnic minorities like myself have faced for decades in fighting oppressive institutions that wanted to limit basic human rights and equality. When I entered into a public liberal education, my eyes became opened at all the wrongs and rights. It was as if my entire mind’s eye was exposed to another side of a veil I couldn’t see through before.

People will say to ethnic minorities that they’re “being sensitive” or “being too loud” or “being too greedy for rights.” Greedy for rights? Being too loud? Being sensitive? We ethnic minorities wouldn’t be like this if none of the dominant majority (also known as white people or Caucasians of European descent/ancestry) hadn’t fucked most of us over for say…. I don’t know…… centuries.

Extortion. Slavery. Stolen land. Borrowed practices wrongfully adapted into their own (also known as cultural appropriation).

Don’t tell me that any person of color has never been mistreated or judged because of their  skin. That’s a lie. A lie that has to stop. You can form a sentence in variety of ways but the underlying meaning or tone stays the same. Prejudice will always rear its ugly head so long as people stay silent and willfully ignorant of everything wrong in mainstream society today.



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