Homesick and… Consecration of…. What?

I feel like I may have half-assed my athame consecration ritual an hour ago. Is there such a thing as re-consecration of a tool? I’ve been looking it up on Ye Olde Google and even referenced a few of the handful of witchcraft books that I have currently in my possession but nothing didn’t pop up or resonate with me so I went with my own quick, simple ritual that involved a black cord, my athame obviously, a white candle, and blowing puffs of air onto said athame. Also passing blade through flame because gut instinct and inner me told me so.

I’ve only recently just begun to get into the swing of practice again after a year of delay. I’d say the things that dominantly interrupted my flow of practice would be my depression, settling into another state with family after being in college, and trying to make new friends in places I frequently explore in Los Angeles and around.

Before I rarely tried to make any friends in a new place but Los Angeles is a different ballgame. I was raised in the South and I have some Southern tendencies like manners, a twang in my voice despite of being a helluva different ethnicity, and some old-fashioned views that could come out of the South. So being in LA is just different and I’m pretty sure there are other Southerners like me living in LA that are adjusting as well or hell, maybe they fit in naturally!

Amidst the concrete, asphalt, smog, and blaring horns from angry traffic, I don’t feel like it compares to the green and tranquility I felt back in North Carolina. My parents probably have already long moved on from living in NC for most of our lives here in the US, but I still have ties to NC. Hell, I feel like my magic is still there despite of me trying to create new magic here.

In essence, I’m a homesick witch in a place where he doesn’t feel at all like home. I could try to conjure whatever but the only thing I guess limiting me is my imagination and faith in believing something could happen. I can’t just pick up my things and leave going back to NC without some form of well, money and job assurance. And they say Millennials are lazy?…… tell that to the job market and the fucked up economy (mind you I got a degree related to STEM and yet I can’t find a damn job worth a lick?)

Anywho, back to my half-assed attempt at athame consecration. I didn’t want to follow a formula created by anyone so I decided to create my own. I guess the magic in that is that it was personal and the athame is linked to my energy. With constant usage in ritual and practice, I’m sure I can build a better connection with my athame despite of the initial consecration ceremony I tried doing with it tonight.

If anyone has any ideas how this witch could go about feeling like he’s doing things properly, I’m open to suggestions.




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