questioning evolving practice

I’ve been thinking about this sort of thing for a few weeks now. Does someone just decide to become a witch or is it in their blood? There are so many things out there written by practitioners, occult academics, researchers, and the like that it does become sort of overwhelming to take in information and sifting through what’s real and what’s not.

Also I’d like to note that TUMBLR IS NOT AN ENTIRELY REPUTABLE SOURCE of information for practicing witchcraft despite of the ease of use and accessibility that most younger generations are attracted to. Checking sources and seeing where they come from is the first step to studying and deciding if one wants to pursue a “magical” life. Pretty much in essence, use CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS and discern whether the source is questionable or not. 

I haven’t been formally initiated into a coven or anything like that. I’ve been on and off studying witchcraft and different practices for nearly 7 years now? And there is still a lot to learn. Granted, I am a natural skeptic that requires proof of something that works. Maybe that’s why I haven’t fully immersed myself in practice lately because of some personal life changing events that make me question everything involving the supernatural in general.

I guess one thing that I’ve been annoyed with on Tumblr and the Internet in general is that    there are people who say that you can practice however you want and incorporate it into your belief system however you wish like some “Pick 2 Combo Deal” at a restaurant or “Create Your Own Dish.” Personally, I see that sort of practice as picking whatever you please and therein lies a danger in stealing another culture’s beliefs in turn committing cultural appropriation. If it didn’t originally belong in the society you live in, you don’t have business dealing with it unless someone invites you or you share ties to the culture of interest.

I think in this world there are set rules and systems in place that involve practicing whatever religion or belief you choose. It’s just that for ages dogmatic theology has ruled most societies to this day that most young people want a more flexible approach to practicing whatever belief, faith, or system they believe in.

And I guess that’s what makes me question what witchcraft really is. Is it an art, a science, or both?

Do various folklores from different cultures necessarily entail supernatural events to occur on the physical plane? Hollywood has definitely gained a mass influence on young people involving magic with such movies like The Craft in the 90s.

Invoking spirits, gods, and other entities isn’t exactly something anyone can JUST DO because they want to for the hell of it. Something has to be put into place to enact the summoning or ritual. Why else do you think the Solomonic seals exist with detailed instructions on summoning? Maybe back then before everything advanced, it was their primitive way of practicing to manipulate “advanced supernatural entities.”

Then… you have the Neopagan practices like Wicca which has…. sort of turned into that whole crystals, chakras, and New Age bookshops that sell a shitload of incense, packaged bath scrubs with mystically enhanced herbs and such. A lot of practices today can turn cute and fluffy and that isn’t the practice I’m looking for.

I guess I’ve just stopped asking people in the magical pagan community on how to practice since most of them can be on a spiritual high horse where they think they may have found supreme enlightenment and attained cosmic powers that they don’t need to explain things to curious folk….. no, sorry, you just sound and look like a raging asshole that thinks they’re better than everyone else. 

Now, I’m not saying that you have to don some robes and go on some mystical, magical journey like Dr. Strange to attain magical powers in Tibet or some Far Off land with obscure practice. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you don’t give up on finding whatever truth you seek until the time comes where you make a decision saying if its worth it or not.

Whatever practice you involve yourself in, it becomes real with how you make of it.

I’m still trying to figure out that practice and reality thing…. who knows.


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