The New Age of Enlightenment(?)

I tried to conjure up a dramatic title for this post but until I can muster up something that can roll off the tongue smoothly, I’m going to roll with this one.

Lately I’ve been thinking about my practice and how gods and goddesses would play a role in my magickal workings and beliefs. In an age where technology advances faster than one can breathe, we drift into an era where the old quickly starts fading into the shadows of history. Ancient pantheons of gods and goddesses have played roles in the creation, destruction, and upkeep of the world that we think we know.

We can say, “The gods are dead! What role or hand do they have in current events?” Or we can also say, “The gods are alive and real, and their influences are as mysterious as their ageless origins.” Perhaps, we have different ways of worship, of taking into account how these gods and goddesses are perceived in the world. Do they keep rule over their domain? Do they trifle with other pantheons? Is there some gigantic cosmic war that rages on in the unseen realm among pantheons vying for power and the worship they deserve? (I’ve probably been watching a little too much American Gods, but besides that).

Think about it. What do deities really want from us? Do they control us? Do they guide us? Do they merely wish to have rulership and domain over certain aspects of our lives, the world, the Universe?

Religion has been a curious concept to me ever since I was a child. I’ve always wondered why we worship things, why we have a need to fill a metaphorical void in ourselves to associate with a higher being with power no human can even comprehend. Most New Age ideas would say that we are in the process of attaining Godhood or becoming like the gods……. yet few and far between have actually proven such a thing. I’ve yet to believe a man or woman who’s attained some sort of spiritual enlightenment in their life….. basically I’m saying I don’t trust a human without a dark side. Light and dark is as much a part of the world as we know it. Dichotomies exist. Sure, fluidity is a thing but we can’t deny the fact that certain things exist as two. Opposites attract (or repel), mundane and spiritual, physical and immaterial, etc.

With the knowledge we have so far up to this point in history, we have many claims, facts, theories, studies, laws, and such that we use as a foundation to make sense of the Universe. How we use that knowledge…. well, I guess that purpose has yet to fulfill itself… does it?


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